How to Install Safety Cables On Your Garage Door Spring
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Why do I need safety cables? What are they anyway?

Safety cables help to prevent a garage door spring from flying around the garage if and when it breaks! One end of the cable is attached to the garage door track or wall near the stationary pulleys with the cable laced through the garage door springs, and the other end is connected to the same support that the spring is connected.

It is easy to install safety cables (less than an hour for a pair) and they come in a kit form with all necessary parts. Be sure to look at your garage door track setup before you shop. You may have to buy some components separately if a general purpose kit doesn't have everything you need. 

Why do you need safety cables? If a garage door spring breaks and there is nothing holding it back, it can fly across the garage with such force that it can penetrate a double layer of 5/8" wallboard! Just imagine what it can do to somebody who is unlucky enough to get in its way.

Be very careful when you are working on top of your ladder. When lacing the cables through the garage door spring, make sure that there is a slight slack so that the cable is not pulling on anything that can hinder the operation of the spring. Be sure to check the free movement and proper function of all door parts on one side before installing the other side.

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